Building services are the measures taken to make a building work as it’s supposed to. There’s a lot of design and engineering that goes into a building’s structure.

It’s not just about meeting standard requirements. Services we may take for granted like air conditioning, lighting and fire control systems are vital. They make buildings comfortable, safe and generally function as intended.

Building service engineering takes advantage of scientific principles to enhance a great user experience. They are usually put together with the core design plan of the building.

During the initial stages of the concept design, it is important for the contractors to include a building services engineer. They can be able to do an analysis of the construction plan. This includes figuring out how the building services will work together with other building elements.

Types of building services include:

Building Management

A building may have computerised systems that help you keep track of the building’s functions. The control team can adjust different operating systems and enhance performance. The control team can also use this information to measure performance and put together reports. This includes calls to action, like installing alarms and warning systems.

Energy Distribution And Supply

This includes the conversion of energy from a source(s) and distributing it to users. Once energy is generated, it is then channelled through a conversion system by an operator network. A good example is your local energy provider network.

Smoke And Fire Detection

Buildings are prone to fire incidents. Building services reduce the likelihood of these incidents happening. For example,  they minimise the possibilities of damage to a building’s internal wiring. An electric spark is all that’s needed to trigger such a scenario. 

Kitchens and rooms that generate a lot of heat should be factored into the design plan. They should be placed further from threat areas.

Communication Networks

A building needs tech support and maintenance. This includes the technology and equipment you’ll use to interact. It’s also a building’s storage system and holds data that can be accessed at any one time.

Lifts And Escalators

Lifts provide an essential and convenient transportation system. Tall storey buildings make good use of this feature. Lifts are not just meant to help clients and workers go up and down a building. They help the construction team transport building material and easily access different parts of the building.

Escalators, on the other hand, are moving stairs. They operate on a rotating conveyor belt. Escalators are popular in public service areas such as malls and airport buildings.

Security And Alarms

It’s important for a building to be secure. This ensures staff, visitors and building properties are safe. Alarm systems are also critical in emergency situations. They can help alert the staff on time and prompt everyone to the required action. Some examples include CCTV, access control systems and intruder alarms.


A building needs ample lighting systems in place. This includes the equipment used to create artificial light. A building can also make use of natural light. Large football stadiums, for instance, have sunroofs.

To conclude, building services are an essential part of any on-going construction project and even complete ones. Speak to the experts to learn more about their value to your project and how to make the best use of them.

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